Tools & Supplies Inside


Caulking Paint Strippers, Sealants

Dap, GE, NP1, Sika, Rock Miracle, Prosoco, Zinsser.


Equipment and Safety

Demolition equipment (sledge hammers, wheelbarrows, axes,picks,shovels,brooms). Hard hats, vests,scaffold netting, harnesses, barricades, respirators, gloves, garbage cans and bags.

img_1173Power Tools
Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo, Imer, Skil.

Trowels, slickers, saws, hammers, chisels, drywall tools, magnesium floats, concrete brooms, marshalltown cement tools.

Oil Based Paint,Water Based,Minwax,Rustoleum,Polyurethane,Paint Thinner, Acetone, Kerosene, Thorocoat, Tammscoat, MEK, Brushes, Rollers, Drop Cloths, Tape.

Commercial Tile, Ceramic Tile, Perfinished Oak Flooring, #1, #2 Unfinished Flooring, Ceramic Glue, Commercial Glue, Protection Paper, Cove Base.

BX Cable, EMT Pipe, Extension Cords, Electric Boxes, Light bulbs, Work Lights, Circuit Breakers.

Copper Pipe, PVC Pipe, Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets, Bathtubs, Shower Assembly, Toilet Bowls.

Hollow, Solid, Pre-Hung, Six Panel Pre-Hung, Masonite, Birch, Wood Saddles, Marble Saddles, Moulding, 

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